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What’s Different About Focus Tours?

Jim Smith and wife Anna have been travelling regularly to Nepal and Luang Prabang for over ten years and have developed extensive local knowledge and contacts.

They have taken groups to Nepal trekking, sightseeing, volunteering (on some tailor made tours) and unwinding.

Jim recently added the “Three Lodge” Nepal tours for people and families wanting something different than the usual holiday experience.

Focus tours is now expanding into Luang Prabang to offer tours that cater for people wanting a more relaxed ‘holiday style’ tour.

Focus Tours ethical approach ensures that when trekking in Nepal our porters carry about half the legal weight and only walk short days. We aim to give back to the Nepalese and People of Laos by providing work through the tourism industry. In Luang Prabang we use local service providers and profit for purpose organisations where possible.

If volunteering we have ongoing relationships which are reinforced as we return year after year.

Focus tours is a fusion of Nepali / Laos charm combined with Australian focus on detail creating a truly unique and personal experience for all clients.

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